Gain,  Spend,  Gather.

the Sky Trail: Sail the Golden Sea

is a board game that lets players act as captains that manage their own airship across a vast desert called "the Golden Sea!".

Stay tuned for more news as this project grows!

Good day, Captain! Come and partake in an adventure by joining the Festival of the Golden Sea! The captain who ends the competition with the most money and the lowest bounty, wins! 

Players will take turns gathering resources, buying and selling upgrades, engage in battles and complete personal objectives to earn money. There are 6 unique locations that offer various opportunities and challenges. Players can interact with other players or NPC's, increasing their chances of earning more money, while also managing their wanted level!

So join us! take on the dangerous trail in the sky and sail the Golden Sea! 

1-4 players           30-60 min            10+

Thanks to the crew who helped make this project possible!

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